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We have a variety of guides and resources to help you get the answers you need. Below is a list of research databases, tips to help you conduct your research, and information on how to evaluate sources. 


Research in Context GALE PowerSearch
Gale PowerSearch is a search platform unlike any other, providing libraries with a sophisticated yet simple solution for accessing a wealth of authoritative periodical, reference, multimedia and primary source information.
Research Tools Niche Academy

Research Tools - Niche Academy
Access Niche Academy for tutorials on enhancing your research techniques. Tutorials include topics on finding sources, using citations, proper use of paraphrasing and summarizing, and more.

Online Help

The Canadian Encyclopedia The Canadian Encyclopedia
With more than 19,000 articles and 30,000 multimedia items including images, maps, games, audio and video, the Canadian Encyclopedia charts Canadian events, culture, history, landscape and people. It offers accurate, up to date information about our people and country in both French and English.
Khan Academy Logo Khan Academy
Khan Academy is a personalized learning resource for all ages that offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard for learners to study at their own pace. Subjects areas covered by Khan Academy include: math, science, computer programming, history, are history, economic, and more.
Learn about plagiarism and how to avoid it. This website also includes information on how to properly cite your research, and write a bibliography.
tvo ilc TVO ILC
TVO ILC is the largest online high school in Ontario, and the distance learning partner of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students can earn credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), empowering them to realize their goals.
TVO Mathify Logo TVO Learn
TVO Learn is an effective, free way for students, caregivers and educators to explore learning that aligns with the Ontario curriculum, from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Discover thousands of opportunities to support learning in a safe online environment.
TVO Mathify Logo

TVO Learn Mathify
TVO Learn Mathify offers seamless school-to-home math learning with an interactive classroom tool, and free one-on-one, online afterschool math tutoring. Transform where and how Grade 4-12 students in Ontario learn math.

Research Tips

Start Early
Conducting research for a project takes time. Make sure start your project early so that you have enough time to find the appropriate sources and evaluate them.

Think Before you Search
When you have a topic that you are ready to research, try to come up with specific keywords and terms that are relevant to your topic and avoid terms that are too broad. If you use broad terms, you will end up with a lot of search results and most of them will not necessarily relate to your topic. However, if you use specific keywords and terms, your search results will have a more specific focus, you will have fewer results to sort through, and a better chance at finding the information you need. The less time you spend searching for items, the less time you waste.

Use Different Resources
Once you have a list of different terms to use for searching, conduct your searches, but don’t limit yourself to just the information you find on the internet. There are all kinds of different resources that can provide you with the information you need, including encyclopedias, books, ebooks, magazines, and databases. Don’t limit yourself.

Evaluate Your Sources
When you find finally find the information you are looking for, make sure you evaluate the source of the information. Ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Who is the author of the source?
  • When was the source published?
  • Does the author provide their credentials? Are their credentials relevant to the information presented?
  • Does the author cite their sources? Are their sources reliable?

Is the content based on facts, or is the author just stating their opinion?

Today, anyone can publish a book or create a website, but that does not mean the information they publish is reliable or correct. Always evaluate where your information comes from.